Xeon E5-2696v4

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SKU Name: Intel Xeon E5-2696 V4
Cores: 22
Threads: 44
Base Clock: 2.2GHz
Boost Clock: 3.6GHz
L3 Cache: 55MB
TDP: 150W

Both models are identical processors with identical specifications. Intel used different part numbers – one for retail marketing and other for OEM.
Both 2699 and 2696 have same clock speed, max clock speed, cache, cores, etc; only different models for different markets.

Intel released the E5-2699v4 model for the public retail marketplace.
Intel released the E5-2696v4 model for OEM computer manufacturers like HP and Dell.

E5-2696v4 and E5-2699v4 processor models are identical.
Both models are final releases. These are NOT ES processors.

You can review the specifications here:

* If you purchase 2 processors, or any multiple of two, we will provide the same step code so you will
have a exact matching processors in your dual processor system. *

Compatible with the following motherboards:
Asus Z10PE (BIOS 3101), Z10PA-D8 (BIOS 3003), Z10PR-D16 (BIOS 3003/3104)
Gigabyte GA-X99 (BIOS F20)
Supermicro X10DA(except X10DAX), X10DR, X10SR (BIOS R 2.0)
HP Z640 and Z840 Workstations

Not Compatible with:
Asus X99
ASRock X99
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No returns on processors because incorrect installation technique can burn processor.

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